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The 2018 Nissan Navara is a modern and versatile pickup truck that has evolved from its humble beginnings to become one of the most popular vehicles in its class. With a rich history that spans over three decades, the Navara has undergone significant development and improvements to meet the demands of consumers worldwide.

The Navara’s story began in 1986 when Nissan introduced the first generation of the pickup truck, known as the Nissan Hardbody. This model was renowned for its ruggedness and durability, making it a favorite among farmers, construction workers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Over the years, Nissan continued to refine and enhance the Navara, incorporating technological advancements and design updates.

As the demand for more comfortable and stylish pickups grew, Nissan introduced the second generation Navara in 2004. This model featured sleeker lines, improved handling, and a more refined interior. It became known for its smooth ride and excellent off-road capabilities, attracting a wider customer base.

In 2015, Nissan introduced the third-generation Navara, which marked a significant turning point in the model’s history. It debuted a new and innovative construction technique called the “V-Platform,” which integrated a fully boxed ladder frame with a robust suspension system. This resulted in enhanced strength, rigidity, and improved handling on both on-road and off-road terrains.

The 2018 Nissan Navara builds upon the success and improvements of its predecessors. It offers a sleek and muscular design, characterized by bold lines and a prominent grille. The interior boasts a spacious and comfortable cabin, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and luxurious features.

Under the hood, the 2018 Navara is powered by a range of powerful and fuel-efficient engines. Customers can choose between a 2.3-liter twin-turbo diesel engine or a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, both of which deliver impressive performance and excellent fuel economy.

One of the standout features of the 2018 Navara is its advanced safety technology. It is equipped with features such as forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and a 360-degree surround-view camera system, ensuring a safe and secure driving experience.

The Navara’s development and evolution over the years have positioned it as a formidable contender in the highly competitive pickup truck segment. It combines ruggedness, versatility, and modern design, making it suitable for both everyday use and demanding work environments.

Overall, the 2018 Nissan Navara is a testament to Nissan’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. It offers a compelling package of performance, comfort, and safety, making it a top choice for those in need of a reliable and capable pickup truck.


The 2018 Nissan Navara was designed by Nissan’s Japanese design team, led by Chief Designer Shiro Nakamura. The inspiration behind the Navara’s design was to create a rugged and modern pickup truck that could cater to both commercial and leisure use.

In terms of design language, the 2018 Navara follows Nissan’s “Emotional Geometry” philosophy. This design language focuses on creating a balance between boldness and practicality. The Navara exhibits strong, muscular lines and an imposing front grille, giving it a robust and confident appearance. The designers also incorporated aerodynamic elements to enhance fuel efficiency and improve overall performance.

The overall design of the Nissan Navara showcases a blend of strength and sophistication, making it an attractive option for those seeking a versatile and stylish pickup truck.

Model overview

The 2018 Nissan Navara is offered in various variations to cater to different consumer needs and preferences. Here are some of the variations available:

1. Nissan Navara Single Cab: This variant features a single row of seating and a longer cargo bed, ideal for those who prioritize cargo space and commercial use.

2. Nissan Navara King Cab: The King Cab offers additional rear jump seats, providing seating for up to four passengers. It combines the practicality of a single cab with a bit more passenger space.

3. Nissan Navara Double Cab: The Double Cab variant provides seating for up to five passengers with four full-size doors. It offers a spacious cabin and a shorter cargo bed, making it suitable for both commercial and personal use.

4. Nissan Navara RX: This base model offers the essentials without compromising on performance. It comes with features like steel wheels, a basic audio system, and cloth upholstery.

5. Nissan Navara ST: The ST trim adds some extra features compared to the RX, including alloy wheels, a touchscreen infotainment system, reverse camera, and more.

6. Nissan Navara ST-X: Positioned as the top-of-the-line variant, the ST-X offers additional premium features such as leather-appointed seats, LED headlights, dual-zone climate control, and an advanced safety package.

7. Nissan Navara N-Trek: This special edition variant adds sporty exterior styling elements like black fender flares, black alloy wheels, and decals. It provides a more rugged and aggressive appearance.

8. Nissan Navara N-Trek Warrior: Developed in collaboration with Premcar, the N-Trek Warrior is a highly capable off-road version of the Navara. It features a lifted suspension, upgraded off-road tires, underbody protection, and a range of other modifications for enhanced off-road performance.

These variations allow customers to choose a Nissan Navara that best suits their individual requirements, whether it’s for commercial use, family transportation, or off-road adventures.

Everyday use

The 2018 Nissan Navara is a highly practical vehicle for everyday use. With its versatile design and numerous features, it caters to both work and leisure activities.

One of the standout features of the Navara is its spacious interior. It offers ample legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers, ensuring a comfortable ride for everyone. The rear seats can also be folded up to create more cargo space, making it ideal for carrying larger items.

In terms of utility, the Navara excels with its impressive towing and payload capacities. It can tow up to 3,500 kilograms and has a maximum payload of 1,061 kilograms, making it suitable for hauling heavy loads. Additionally, the Navara offers a range of bed accessories and tie-down points to secure items for transportation.

The Navara’s off-road capabilities are also worth mentioning. With its robust chassis and advanced four-wheel drive system, it can navigate through various terrains with ease. Whether you encounter rough roads or challenging weather conditions, the Navara ensures a confident and stable drive.

In terms of technology and safety features, the Navara is well-equipped. It offers a user-friendly infotainment system with touchscreen functionality, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration. Advanced safety features like hill start assist, hill descent control, and a rearview camera also come as standard or optional depending on the trim level.

Furthermore, the Navara’s fuel efficiency is commendable for its class. Its range of engines, including both diesel and petrol options, offers a good balance between power and economy.

Overall, the 2018 Nissan Navara is a practical choice for everyday use. Its versatility, spaciousness, towing capabilities, off-road prowess, and advanced features make it well-suited for both work and leisure activities.


The 2018 Nissan Navara comes with a spacious and practical trunk. It offers a cargo bed with different size options depending on the model and trim level. The Navara offers a standard bed length of 5.25 feet (1.59 meters) for the double cab variant. Additionally, there is an extended bed length available on other variants, measuring 6.2 feet (1.88 meters). These generous dimensions provide ample space for carrying luggage, equipment, or other cargo needs.


The 2018 Nissan Navara boasts a well-crafted and durable interior, making it one of the standout features of this pickup truck. The materials used in the Navara’s cabin are of high quality and designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Soft-touch materials are used throughout the interior, giving the cabin a more upscale feel. The seats are comfortable and supportive, whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or navigating through city traffic. The dashboard and control panels are well laid out and intuitive, allowing for easy access to all functions and features.

In terms of specific materials, the Navara features a combination of sturdy plastics and premium upholstery. The higher trim levels often come with leather seating surfaces, which further enhance the overall luxurious feel of the interior. The steering wheel and gear knob are typically wrapped in leather, adding an extra touch of sophistication.

Moreover, the Navara offers ample storage space, including a generously sized center console and various compartments spread throughout the cabin. This makes it convenient for storing personal items and keeping the interior clutter-free.

Overall, the 2018 Nissan Navara impresses with its well-appointed and durable interior, combining comfort, functionality, and aesthetics in a well-balanced manner. Whether you’re using it for work or leisure, the Navara’s interior provides a pleasant and enjoyable driving experience.


The 2018 Nissan Navara comes equipped with a range of safety features designed to protect both the driver and passengers. Some of the notable safety features available in the Navara include:

1. Advanced Airbag System: The Navara is equipped with front airbags for the driver and front passenger, as well as side and curtain airbags for additional protection in the event of a collision.

2. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC): VDC helps to maintain stability by reducing engine power and applying braking to individual wheels, helping the driver to maintain control during sudden maneuvers or slippery road conditions.

3. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): ABS prevents the wheels from locking up during hard braking, allowing the driver to maintain steering control and reducing the risk of skidding.

4. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD): EBD dynamically adjusts brake force to each wheel, ensuring effective braking performance regardless of the load distribution inside the vehicle.

5. Brake Assist (BA): BA detects emergency braking and helps apply maximum brake force, reducing stopping distances in critical situations.

6. Hill Start Assist (HSA): HSA holds the vehicle stationary for a short time after the brake pedal is released, preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards when starting on an incline.

7. Hill Descent Control (HDC): HDC helps the driver maintain a consistent speed and stability when navigating steep downhill descents.

In terms of safety ratings, the 2018 Nissan Navara received a 4-star rating from the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) for its safety performance. This rating is based on a series of crash tests evaluating the vehicle’s performance in various impact scenarios. It’s worth noting that safety ratings may vary depending on the specific model, trim level, and optional safety equipment.

Maintenance Costs

The costs for maintenance, insurance, and general upkeep of a 2018 Nissan Navara can vary depending on various factors such as the location, driving habits, insurance provider, and specific maintenance requirements. However, here are some general guidelines:

Maintenance: The routine maintenance costs for a 2018 Nissan Navara may include oil changes, filter replacements, tire rotations, brake pad replacements, and other regular servicing. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines outlined in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. On average, the maintenance costs can range between $500 to $1,000 per year, depending on the services required.

Insurance: The insurance premiums for a 2018 Nissan Navara can vary based on several factors including the driver’s age, driving history, location, coverage limits, and the insurance provider. Additionally, optional coverage such as comprehensive and collision insurance may also influence the cost. As an estimate, the annual insurance premiums for a Nissan Navara may range from $800 to $1,500, but it’s always best to obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies for an accurate estimate.

General Upkeep: General upkeep costs may include expenses like fuel, car washes, windshield wipers, replacement bulbs, fluids, and other miscellaneous items. These costs are relatively lower compared to maintenance or insurance. Fuel costs will depend on the fuel efficiency of the Navara, personal driving habits, and fuel prices. You can expect an average of 20-25 miles per gallon for a Nissan Navara. Car washes, wipers, bulbs, and fluids usually incur sporadic costs and can be estimated at an additional $200 to $300 per year.

It is worth noting that the mentioned costs are approximate estimates and can vary depending on various factors mentioned earlier. For a more accurate evaluation, it is advisable to consult with a local Nissan dealership, insurance providers, and consider personal driving habits.

Fuel Consumptions

The 2018 Nissan Navara has a fuel consumption that varies depending on the engine chosen and the driving conditions. On average, the fuel consumption for the Navara can range from around 25 to 30 miles per gallon (10.6 to 12.7 kilometers per liter) for the diesel engine options. It is important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary depending on factors such as driving style, load, and terrain. It is recommended to refer to the official specifications provided by Nissan or consult with a Nissan dealership for more precise information on fuel consumption for specific models and trims.

Motor Layout

The 2018 Nissan Navara comes equipped with a variety of engine and transmission options depending on the market. In general, the Navara offers a choice between diesel and gasoline engines.

One of the commonly available diesel engines is a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder unit. It is offered in two power outputs: a single turbo variant producing around 160 horsepower and 403 Nm of torque, and a twin-turbo variant that generates approximately 190 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque.

As for the gasoline engine, the Navara may offer a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, depending on the market. Power and torque figures for the gasoline engine can vary, but it generally falls around 165 horsepower and 241 Nm of torque.

When it comes to the transmission, the Navara typically offers a choice between a six-speed manual and a seven-speed automatic gearbox. The transmission options may vary depending on the engine and market specifications.

In terms of drivetrain layout, the Navara is primarily a rear-wheel-drive vehicle. However, it also offers the option for four-wheel-drive (4WD) for enhanced off-road capability. The 4WD system is often selectable, allowing the driver to switch between rear-wheel-drive and 4WD modes depending on the driving conditions.


The 2018 Nissan Navara was offered with two engine options:

1. 2.3-liter Turbo Diesel Engine: This engine was available in two power output options:
a) Single Turbo: It produced 160 horsepower and 403 Nm of torque.
b) Twin Turbo: It generated 190 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque.

2. 2.5-liter Gasoline Engine: This engine option was available in some markets outside of the United States. It produced 163 horsepower and 244 Nm of torque.

It’s worth noting that engine availability may vary depending on the specific market and trim level of the vehicle.


The 2018 Nissan Navara is available with two transmission options depending on the variant and market. The first transmission is a 6-speed manual transmission, which provides a more engaging driving experience for those who prefer manual shifting control. The second option is a 7-speed automatic transmission, offering smooth and convenient gear changes for a more relaxed driving experience. Both transmissions are designed to complement the Navara’s capabilities and enhance its overall performance.


The 2018 Nissan Navara is equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels. The front brakes consist of ventilated discs, while the rear brakes feature solid discs. This setup provides efficient stopping power and helps enhance the vehicle’s overall braking performance.

Common Issues

The 2018 Nissan Navara is a popular pickup truck known for its robust performance, comfortable interior, and versatile utility. However, like any vehicle, it is not without its weaknesses and common issues. Here is a detailed overview of some of the weaknesses or common problems identified in the 2018 Nissan Navara:

1. Suspension: One common complaint among owners is the relatively stiff rear suspension. This can lead to a harsh ride on rough terrain and may result in passengers feeling jolts and vibrations. Some users have reported that the rear suspension can even feel uncomfortable over longer distances.

2. Fuel Efficiency: Compared to some of its competitors, the Navara’s fuel efficiency is considered average in its class. While it may not be a significant concern for everyone, those who prioritize fuel economy may find that the Navara falls short compared to some alternatives.

3. Interior Quality: While the Navara’s interior is generally well-equipped and comfortable, some owners have found that certain materials and finishes in the cabin can feel cheap and of lower quality. This includes hard plastics and some flimsy components, particularly in the lower trim levels.

4. Wind Noise: A common issue reported by Navara owners is excessive wind noise, particularly at higher speeds. Many have stated that the noise seems to come from the side mirrors and the front windows. While it may not be a dealbreaker, it can be an annoyance, especially during long highway drives.

5. Electrical Issues: The Navara has been known to experience various electrical issues. Some owners have reported problems with the central locking system, infotainment display malfunctions, and intermittent electrical failures in components like power windows. However, it’s worth noting that these issues are not widespread and may be isolated cases.

6. Rust Problems: Several Navara owners have reported rust issues, particularly on the chassis, underbody, and wheel arches. While Nissan has taken steps to address this problem in later models, it is advisable for potential buyers to thoroughly inspect the vehicle’s undercarriage and request a detailed inspection history before purchasing a used 2018 Navara.

It’s important to keep in mind that while these weaknesses and common issues have been identified, they may not be universal experiences for all Navara owners. Individual driving habits, maintenance practices, and other factors can influence the occurrence of these problems. It is always recommended to test drive the vehicle extensively, conduct thorough research, and consider consulting with a trusted mechanic before finalizing a purchase decision.

Market offering

As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time data. However, I can provide you with some general information on the pricing trends for the 2018 Nissan Navara in the European market.

The 2018 Nissan Navara is a popular pickup truck that offers a combination of utility and comfort. In terms of pricing, it can vary depending on various factors such as trim level, additional features, location, and the condition of the vehicle.

On average, the starting price for a new 2018 Nissan Navara in Europe ranged from around €24,000 to €40,000 depending on the chosen configuration and optional features. Keep in mind that these prices are approximate and can vary significantly based on the factors mentioned earlier.

It is worth noting that used car prices fluctuate based on factors such as mileage, condition, and market demand. Generally, used 2018 Nissan Navara models can be found at lower prices compared to brand new ones. However, the specific prices for used vehicles will vary depending on their individual characteristics and the local market conditions.

If you are interested in purchasing a 2018 Nissan Navara, I recommend checking with local Nissan dealerships or online car marketplaces to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information in your area.


Q: What is the Nissan Navara?
A: The Nissan Navara is a mid-size pickup truck manufactured by Nissan. It offers a combination of ruggedness, versatility, and comfort.

Q: What are the different trim levels available for the 2018 Nissan Navara?
A: The 2018 Nissan Navara comes in several trim levels, including the base DX model, the mid-range ST and ST-X models, and the top-of-the-line Black Edition.

Q: What engine options are available for the 2018 Nissan Navara?
A: The 2018 Nissan Navara offers two engine options: a 2.3-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine and a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine. The diesel engine is available in two power outputs: 160 horsepower and 403Nm of torque, or 187 horsepower and 450Nm of torque.

Q: Is the 2018 Nissan Navara available in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive?
A: Yes, the 2018 Nissan Navara is available in both two-wheel drive (2WD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) configurations, giving buyers the option to choose based on their needs and preferences.

Q: What is the towing capacity of the 2018 Nissan Navara?
A: The towing capacity of the 2018 Nissan Navara varies depending on the model and configuration. It ranges from around 3,500kg to 3,800kg, which is quite competitive for its class.

Q: What safety features does the 2018 Nissan Navara come with?
A: The 2018 Nissan Navara is equipped with a range of safety features, including multiple airbags, electronic stability control, anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control, hill start assist, downhill assist control, and a rearview camera. Higher trim levels may offer additional safety features, such as blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.

Q: How is the ride quality of the 2018 Nissan Navara?
A: The 2018 Nissan Navara offers a comfortable ride, thanks to its independent front suspension and coil-spring rear suspension. It absorbs bumps and rough surfaces relatively well, making it suitable for both on-road and off-road driving.

Q: Does the 2018 Nissan Navara have a spacious interior?
A: Yes, the 2018 Nissan Navara provides a spacious cabin, accommodating up to five passengers. Both legroom and headroom are generous, ensuring a comfortable driving and riding experience.

Q: What is the fuel efficiency of the 2018 Nissan Navara?
A: The fuel efficiency of the 2018 Nissan Navara varies depending on the engine, transmission, and driving conditions. However, it generally offers decent fuel economy for a pickup truck, especially when equipped with the diesel engine.

Q: How does the 2018 Nissan Navara compare to its competitors?
A: The 2018 Nissan Navara competes well in its class, offering a good balance between comfort, capability, and affordability. It faces competition from other popular mid-size pickups, such as the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, and Mitsubishi Triton. Prospective buyers should consider their specific needs and compare features and specifications to make an informed decision.


| Model Variant | Engine | Power Output (hp) | Torque (lb-ft) | Curb Weight (lbs) | Trunk Volume (cubic ft) | Fuel Consumption (mpg) |
| Nissan Navara SE | 2.5L Diesel | 161 | 297 | 4,532 | 38.0 | 20.0 city / 25.0 highway |
| Nissan Navara SV | 2.5L Diesel | 161 | 297 | 4,563 | 38.0 | 20.0 city / 25.0 highway |
| Nissan Navara SL | 2.5L Diesel | 161 | 297 | 4,630 | 38.0 | 20.0 city / 25.0 highway |
| Nissan Navara ST | 2.3L Diesel | 188 | 332 | 4,557 | 38.0 | 22.0 city / 28.0 highway |
| Nissan Navara ST-X | 2.3L Diesel | 188 | 332 | 4,581 | 38.0 | 22.0 city / 28.0 highway |
| Nissan Navara RX | 2.3L Diesel | 188 | 332 | 4,446 | 33.0 | 23.0 city / 29.0 highway |