The Suzuki Intruder M1800R is a powerful cruiser motorcycle that has captured the attention of riders worldwide with its sleek design and impressive performance. Let’s delve into the history and development of this iconic model.

The Intruder series made its first appearance in 1985 when Suzuki launched the VS700 and VS750 models. These initial cruisers featured V-twin engines and a distinctive, low-slung profile. With this launch, Suzuki hoped to tap into the growing demand for powerful yet comfortable motorcycles, ideal for long-distance rides.

Over the years, Suzuki continued to refine and expand its Intruder lineup, introducing new models and enhancements. The Intruder M1800R, also known as the Boulevard M109R in some markets, made its debut in 2006. This latest addition to the Intruder family boasted a larger engine, revamped styling, and cutting-edge technology.

At the heart of the Intruder M1800R is a massive 1,783cc V-twin engine, delivering exceptional power and torque. The engine’s fuel injection system ensures crisp throttle response, while the liquid cooling system prevents overheating during demanding rides. With its potent performance, the M1800R quickly gained a reputation for its exhilarating acceleration and impressive top speed.

The design of the M1800R is a perfect blend of classic cruiser aesthetics and modern features. Its long, low-slung silhouette exudes a sense of power and stability. The wide handlebars and low seat provide a comfortable riding position for both the rider and a passenger, ensuring a relaxed experience even on extended journeys. The sleek, flowing lines of the bodywork, coupled with the chrome accents, add a touch of elegance to the overall appearance.

To complement its aggressive looks, the M1800R features advanced technologies to enhance the riding experience. Suzuki equipped the bike with a sophisticated electronic fuel injection system, ensuring optimal fuel delivery and efficiency. The model also includes an advanced braking system, consisting of dual front discs and a single rear disc, providing excellent stopping power.

To further improve the riding dynamics and comfort, Suzuki incorporated a high-performance suspension system. The inverted front forks and rear monoshock offer a smooth ride, even on rough terrain. Additionally, the M1800R is equipped with a traction control system, ensuring stability and grip under varying road conditions.

Throughout its history, the Suzuki Intruder M1800R has received several updates and refinements. From technological advancements to design tweaks, Suzuki has focused on delivering an exceptional riding experience that caters to the demands of cruiser enthusiasts.

With its powerful engine, stylish design, and advanced features, the Suzuki Intruder M1800R has earned a dedicated following among riders seeking a thrilling and comfortable cruiser motorcycle. Its continuous evolution and commitment to performance make it a standout model in the Suzuki lineup.


The designer of the Suzuki Intruder M1800R was a team led by Mr. Ichiro Miyata. The inspiration behind the design of the Intruder M1800R was to create a powerful and muscular cruiser that would turn heads on the road.

In terms of design language, Suzuki utilized a combination of contemporary and classic elements. The motorcycle features a low-slung silhouette, with a long and wide stance that exudes a sense of power and dominance. The bold, sculpted lines of the fuel tank and bodywork along with the massive front forks add to its muscular appeal.

The Intruder M1800R also incorporates a lot of chrome accents, giving it a shiny and luxurious appearance. The deep and comfortable seat, along with wide handlebars and forward-mounted footpegs, provide the rider with a relaxed and laid-back riding position.

Overall, Suzuki aimed to create a cruiser that showcased a perfect balance of style, performance, and comfort, catering to riders who appreciate the combination of raw power and sleek aesthetics.

Model overview

The Suzuki Intruder M1800R, also known as the Suzuki Boulevard M109R in some markets, is a popular cruiser motorcycle known for its powerful performance and stylish design. While there aren’t many variations of the M1800R, Suzuki has introduced some special editions and customization options to cater to different preferences. Here are a few variations you may come across:

1. Standard Edition: This is the base model of the Suzuki Intruder M1800R. It features a muscular and aggressive design, a 1783cc V-twin engine, and a range of standard features like electronic fuel injection, inverted front forks, and a wide rear tire.

2. Limited Editions: Suzuki occasionally releases limited-edition models with unique color schemes and special features. These editions often have different paint finishes, graphics, or additional accessories to enhance the overall appeal of the motorcycle.

3. Factory Accessories: Suzuki offers a range of factory accessories to customize the M1800R according to individual preferences. These accessories include items like saddlebags, a windshield, chrome accents, passenger seat options, and more. These accessories allow riders to personalize their bikes and tailor them to their specific needs.

4. Aftermarket Modifications: Many riders choose to modify their M1800R bikes with aftermarket parts to improve performance or cosmetic aspects. These modifications can range from upgrading exhaust systems for better sound and power to adding custom seats, handlebars, or foot pegs for enhanced comfort.

It’s important to note that these variations may vary depending on the region or country as Suzuki may introduce different options or special editions specific to certain markets. So, it’s always a good idea to check with local dealerships or the official Suzuki website to find out about the available variations in your area.

Everyday use

The Suzuki Intruder M1800R is primarily designed as a cruiser motorcycle, with a focus on power and style. While it can certainly be used for daily commuting, there are some factors to consider in terms of practicality.

Firstly, the M1800R is equipped with a large 1783cc V-twin engine, which offers impressive performance and power for thrilling rides. However, this also means it is a heavy motorcycle, weighing around 347 kg (764 lbs). Maneuvering the bike in tight city traffic or parking spaces may require some extra effort and skill.

In terms of comfort, the M1800R features a relaxed riding position with forward-set foot pegs and wide handlebars, providing a comfortable experience on long rides. However, the low-slung design and limited ground clearance may pose challenges on uneven roads or speed bumps, so caution is required while navigating such obstacles.

In terms of storage, the Intruder M1800R does not come with built-in storage compartments or luggage options. Riders may need to explore aftermarket options such as saddlebags or tank bags for carrying personal belongings.

Another aspect to consider is fuel efficiency. The larger engine size often translates to higher fuel consumption compared to smaller motorcycles. Daily commuting can result in frequent visits to the fuel station. Additionally, maintenance costs for a powerful bike like the M1800R might be higher than average.

Overall, the Suzuki Intruder M1800R can be used for everyday use, but its size, weight, and limited storage options may present some challenges in certain situations. It is essential for potential buyers to evaluate their specific needs and preferences to determine if this cruiser motorcycle is suited for their daily commuting requirements.


The Suzuki Intruder M1800R is a powerful cruiser motorcycle that prioritizes performance and style. However, it does not come equipped with advanced safety features commonly found in cars. Motorcycles, in general, have limited safety features compared to cars due to their design and nature.

That being said, the Suzuki Intruder M1800R does come with some basic safety features such as disc brakes for efficient stopping power, a durable chassis for stability, and front and rear suspensions to provide a smoother ride. Additionally, it is equipped with a bright and powerful headlight to improve visibility.

Regarding safety tests, it’s important to note that motorcycles like the Suzuki Intruder M1800R are typically not subjected to the same standardized safety tests as cars. The safety ratings you often see for cars such as those conducted by organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) do not apply to motorcycles.

Instead, motorcycle safety is generally evaluated by professional motorcycle journalists, who conduct real-world testing and share their experiences and opinions. These reviews may include insights into the motorcycle’s stability, braking, handling, and other safety-related aspects. Therefore, it is advisable to consult renowned motorcycle publications or websites to get a better understanding of the safety aspects of the Suzuki Intruder M1800R or any other motorcycle.

Maintenance Costs

The costs for maintenance, insurance, and general upkeep of a Suzuki Intruder M1800R may vary based on several factors such as location, the owner’s driving history, and the specific insurance coverage chosen. However, here are some general estimates:

1. Maintenance: Regular maintenance includes oil changes, filter replacements, and servicing of brakes, tires, and other components. The cost for these services can vary, but on average, you can expect to spend around $200 to $500 per year for routine maintenance.

2. Insurance: Insurance costs depend on various factors including your age, driving experience, location, and the coverage options you choose. Motorbike insurance typically costs less than car insurance, but the premium can still vary significantly. As a rough estimate, motorcycle insurance for a Suzuki Intruder M1800R could range from $300 to $1500 per year.

3. General Upkeep: General upkeep includes expenses like fuel, tires, battery replacements, and other miscellaneous costs. Fuel costs depend on mileage and fuel prices in your area. The Intruder M1800R has a larger engine, so it might have a slightly higher fuel consumption compared to smaller motorcycles. Additionally, tire and battery replacements can occur every few years and may cost around $300 to $800 depending on the brand and quality.

Remember, these estimates are approximate and can vary based on your individual circumstances. It’s advisable to contact insurance providers and local Suzuki dealerships for accurate and up-to-date pricing information specific to your location and situation.

Fuel Consumptions

The fuel consumption for the Suzuki Intruder M1800R can vary depending on various factors such as riding style, road conditions, and maintenance. However, on average, the Suzuki Intruder M1800R has a fuel consumption of around 35-40 miles per gallon (mpg). It is important to note that this is an estimate and actual fuel consumption may vary.


The Suzuki Intruder M1800R, also known as the Suzuki Boulevard M109R in some markets, is a powerful cruiser motorcycle. It is equipped with a significant V-twin engine that provides excellent performance and a thrilling riding experience.

The Suzuki Intruder M1800R is powered by a 1,783cc (108.8 cubic-inch) four-stroke, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin engine. This engine, known as the Suzuki M1800R, delivers impressive torque and power, making it suitable for long rides on the open road or for cruising around town.

With its large displacement and V-twin configuration, the M1800R’s engine produces a maximum power output of around 127 horsepower and a torque of about 118 lb-ft. These figures ensure a strong acceleration and effortless cruising at higher speeds.

The M1800R’s engine is mated to a 5-speed constant mesh transmission, allowing riders to shift smoothly through the gears and take full control of the motorcycle’s power delivery.

Overall, the Suzuki Intruder M1800R/Boulevard M109R is renowned for its muscular and torquey V-twin engine, providing riders with a thrilling and exhilarating experience on the road.


The Suzuki Intruder M1800R, also known as the Suzuki Boulevard M109R in some markets, was equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. This transmission offered smooth and precise shifting for a delightful riding experience. The manual transmission allowed riders to have full control over the gears, optimizing power delivery based on their preferences.


The Suzuki Intruder M1800R is known for its powerful braking system, which ensures safe stopping power for its riders. This cruiser motorcycle is equipped with dual front disc brakes and a single rear disc brake. The front brakes feature massive 310mm discs with four-piston calipers, while the rear brake has a 275mm disc with a twin-piston caliper. This combination of large discs and multi-piston calipers provides excellent braking performance, allowing riders to confidently control the bike at high speeds and during sudden stops.


The Suzuki Intruder M1800R, also known as the Suzuki Boulevard M109R in some markets, features a sophisticated suspension system designed to provide a comfortable and controlled ride.

At the front, the Intruder M1800R is equipped with an inverted telescopic fork. This type of fork design helps to improve the rigidity and response of the front suspension, enhancing stability and handling. The fork is adjustable for preload, allowing riders to tailor the suspension to their preferences and load requirements.

In the rear, the Intruder M1800R utilizes a link-type suspension with a single shock absorber. This setup offers a smooth and controlled ride by effectively absorbing bumps and vibrations. The rear suspension can also be adjusted for preload to accommodate different riding conditions and passenger loads.

Overall, the suspension system on the Suzuki Intruder M1800R is well-regarded for its ability to provide a comfortable ride while maintaining excellent handling characteristics.

Common Issues

The Suzuki Intruder M1800R is a powerful cruiser motorcycle known for its sleek design and commanding presence on the road. While it offers many appealing features, it does have a few weaknesses and common issues that potential buyers should be aware of.

One of the primary weaknesses of the Suzuki Intruder M1800R is its weight. Weighing in at around 347 kg (765 lbs), this motorcycle can be challenging to handle for riders with less experience or smaller builds. Maneuvering in tight spaces or at low speeds can be a bit cumbersome, so riders should be prepared for this aspect.

Another common issue faced by some owners is the heat generated by the large 1783cc V-twin engine. Due to the bike’s design and its substantial engine size, the Intruder M1800R can heat up considerably during prolonged rides or in heavy traffic. This can be uncomfortable for both the rider and the passenger, particularly during hot summer days.

Additionally, some riders have reported that the Intruder M1800R’s suspension setup may not offer optimal comfort over rough or uneven road surfaces. Although the motorcycle features an inverted front fork and a rear monoshock, some owners have found that the ride can be quite firm, leading to a slightly harsher and less forgiving experience when encountering bumps and potholes.

Furthermore, maintenance costs for the Suzuki Intruder M1800R can be relatively high. This is partly due to the motorcycle’s large engine size, which requires more frequent and expensive oil changes, as well as other routine maintenance tasks. Additionally, Suzuki parts and services may not be as widely available compared to some other motorcycle brands, which can potentially lead to longer wait times or higher costs for replacements or repairs.

Lastly, the fuel efficiency of the Intruder M1800R is not its strong suit. With its powerful engine and size, the motorcycle tends to consume more fuel compared to some of its cruiser competitors. This can limit the range between refueling stops and increase overall fuel expenses for riders who frequently embark on long rides or daily commutes.

It’s worth noting that while the Suzuki Intruder M1800R has these weaknesses and common issues, many riders are still highly satisfied with their ownership experience. The bike’s bold styling, impressive performance, and overall reliability often outweigh these potential drawbacks for those seeking a powerful and stylish cruiser motorcycle.

Market offering

Pricing for the Suzuki Intruder M1800R can vary depending on factors such as location, dealership, additional features, and any ongoing promotional offers. It is always recommended to check with Suzuki dealerships or online marketplaces for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information in your area.

When researching the price for the Suzuki Intruder M1800R, it is important to consider that additional costs such as insurance, taxes, and registration fees may apply. Additionally, prices may vary between new and used models.



FAQ: Suzuki Intruder M1800R

Q1: What is the Suzuki Intruder M1800R?
The Suzuki Intruder M1800R is a powerful cruiser motorcycle designed by Suzuki. It combines a stylish and aggressive design with a high-performance engine for an exhilarating riding experience.

Q2: What engine does the Suzuki Intruder M1800R have?
The Intruder M1800R is equipped with a 1783cc V-twin engine which delivers impressive power and torque. It provides a thrilling acceleration and ensures a smooth ride even at high speeds.

Q3: What are the key features of the Suzuki Intruder M1800R?
Some of the key features of the Intruder M1800R include a bold and muscular design, LED taillights and turn signals, a comfortable riding position, a digital instrument cluster, dual exhausts, and a powerful braking system.

Q4: Can you tell me about the performance of the Suzuki Intruder M1800R?
The M1800R offers outstanding performance with its powerful V-twin engine. It provides quick acceleration and has enough power to handle highway cruising and overtaking with ease. The motorcycle also offers a smooth and stable ride, thanks to its advanced suspension system.

Q5: Is the Suzuki Intruder M1800R suitable for long rides?
Yes, the Intruder M1800R is designed for long rides and provides excellent comfort for both the rider and the passenger. The wide seat and a well-positioned handlebar offer a relaxed riding position, while the large fuel tank ensures longer journeys without frequent refueling.

Q6: Does the Suzuki Intruder M1800R have any advanced safety features?
While the Intruder M1800R does not have advanced safety features such as ABS, it is equipped with a reliable braking system that includes dual disc brakes at the front and a single disc at the rear. Additionally, the motorcycle’s stability and handling characteristics contribute to a safe riding experience.

Q7: How fuel-efficient is the Suzuki Intruder M1800R?
The M1800R is known for its powerful engine, which means it may not offer the best fuel efficiency in its class. However, the motorcycle’s fuel consumption depends on various factors such as riding style, terrain, and traffic conditions.

Q8: What are the color options available for the Suzuki Intruder M1800R?
The Intruder M1800R is usually available in a range of color options, including metallic black, candy dark cherry red, and glass sparkle black. However, color availability may vary depending on the region.

Q9: Is the Suzuki Intruder M1800R suitable for beginners?
Due to its powerful engine and substantial weight, the Intruder M1800R may not be recommended for beginner riders. It is better suited for experienced riders who are comfortable handling heavy cruiser motorcycles.

Q10: What is the price of the Suzuki Intruder M1800R?
The price of the Intruder M1800R varies from country to country and may be subject to additional taxes and fees. It is recommended to check with your local Suzuki dealer or authorized distributor for accurate pricing information.


Suzuki Intruder M1800R Datasheet:

Model Variants:
1. Suzuki Intruder M1800R – Base Model
2. Suzuki Intruder M1800R BOSS Edition

Engine Specifications:
– Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, V-twin
– Displacement: 1783 cc
– Bore x Stroke: 112 mm x 90.5 mm
– Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
– Fuel System: Fuel injection
– Ignition: Electronic ignition (Transistorized)
– Transmission: 5-speed constant mesh
– Final Drive: Shaft drive

– Maximum Power: 127 horsepower (94 kW) @ 6200 rpm
– Maximum Torque: 160 Nm @ 3200 rpm

– Front Suspension: Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
– Rear Suspension: Link type, coil spring, oil damped
– Front Brake: Disc brake, twin
– Rear Brake: Disc brake
– Front Tire Size: 130/70R18 M/C 63V
– Rear Tire Size: 240/40R18 M/C 79V

– Overall Length: 2480 mm
– Overall Width: 875 mm
– Overall Height: 1130 mm
– Wheelbase: 1710 mm
– Ground Clearance: 130 mm
– Seat Height: 705 mm
– Curb Weight: 347 kg
– Fuel Tank Capacity: 19.5 liters

Additional Features:
– Dual mufflers with Suzuki Advanced Exhaust System (SAES)
– Digital instrument cluster: Speedometer, Odometer, Trip Meter, Fuel Gauge
– LED taillight and turn signals
– Comfortable seating with a low seat height
– Chrome-plated air intake covers and engine covers
– BOSS Edition (variant-specific features):
– Stylish matte-finished paint scheme
– Special edition badging
– Unique seat design

Note: The specifications provided are subject to change by the manufacturer without prior notice.