This spring, the Toyota Collection is gearing up to start the season in high gear with an event that’s a must-attend for all Toyota V8 enthusiasts. Nestled in the expansive grounds of Toyota Deutschland in Cologne, this prestigious event on Saturday, March 2nd, is a salute to the might and allure of Lexus’s legendary V8 models. The doors of Germany’s most extensive Toyota Collection open from 10 AM to 2 PM, welcoming guests free of charge to a world where power meets legacy.

The event is a showcase of the Toyota V8 legacy, offering visitors an up-close look at a range of historic and contemporary Lexus models, each one epitomizing the strength and performance of the V8 engine. Highlights include the muscular IS F, the commanding GS F, and the track-inspired RC F Track Edition. These models embody the pinnacle of Toyota V8 innovation, featuring advanced aerodynamics with carbon-fiber enhancements.

The Toyota V8 narrative continues with the Lexus LC 500 Convertible, which represents the zenith of open-air luxury driving. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness this flagship model and its powerful V8 engine, synonymous with the Toyota V8 experience.

An exclusive feature of the event will be an in-depth look at a dissected prototype of the Lexus LFA. This high-speed marvel, with a top speed of 325 km/h, will offer a unique educational experience, exposing the intricate details of its advanced design and construction. Alongside this, two more LFAs will be present, including a rare chance for an auditory delight during a V10 engine sound check.

In line with the Toyota V8 theme, the new Lexus LBX compact premium SUV will also be available for exploration. This vehicle brings the Toyota V8 philosophy into the realm of compact luxury, offering an exceptional driving experience without compromising on power and elegance.

The event will also feature a remarkable array of Toyota’s iconic racing heritage, from the rally stages to the endurance circuits, showcasing vehicles that have carried the Toyota V8 spirit across finish lines around the world. Fans can look forward to seeing the legendary Corolla WRC, the Le Mans contender TS050 Hybrid, and the Lexus TS 650, a behemoth born from the racing expertise of Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe.

Motorsport enthusiasts will be thrilled with the interactive sessions, including talk rounds with motorsport legends and current champions, all sharing their insights and stories of triumph and innovation in the world of Toyota V8 racing.

A special highlight for racing aficionados will be the Lexus IS F CCS-R, a race car equipped with a Toyota V8 engine that has been tested on the demanding curves of the Nürburgring. This vehicle has accompanied none other than Akio Toyoda during his test runs, adding a layer of prestige to the already illustrious lineup.

The Toyota Collection’s special event is more than a gathering; it’s a tribute to the Toyota V8 power that has fueled generations of vehicles. It’s an invitation to experience the harmony of performance and craftsmanship that Toyota V8 models exemplify. For those passionate about automotive excellence and the roar of a V8 engine, there’s simply no place else to be.